SameTools to Recover PST Password

Recover lost password of PST file with SameTools PST Password Recovery Tool. You can easily remove, reset, and recover lost/forgotten password of PST file. The software loads multiple PST files at once for password recovery and is capable enough to work without Outlook.

pst password
  • Remove and reset Outlook PST passwords
  • Browse single PST file & folder at once to remove password
  • Remove PST file password of any length
  • Recover PST file password without installing MS Outlook
  • Fast recovery of any old and complicated password
  • Free Demo edition to reset PST password


Look at the features of PST Password Remover Software

no file size limit

Simply remove PST password

This software will quickly remove any type of password from PST file. No matter what is the length and complexity of the password, the software instantly removes all passwords applied on PST files.

recover password

Comfortable with all Outlook versions

There is no need for Outlook installation to recover PST password but the software can recover passwords from all PST files created in MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and others.

simple tool

Supports multilingual password recovery

With long and complex passwords, the software can deal with the recovery of multilingual passwords. It can remove the password from PST file of any language with 100% accuracy and efficiency.

support only healthy database

Display PST file status

The number of added PST files is displayed on the software panel. The status of files that they are locked is provided on the right side of the files in the list view before they are moved for the removal of passwords.

fast recovery

Swift recovery of lost passwords

The software recovers all lost or forgotten PST passwords by maintaining the complete database safety. Without providing the original password, users can remove, recover, and reset PST password.

safe recovery

Easy to use wizard

The PST Password Remover Tool comes with a friendly wizard that anyone can use this utility smartly without any hassles. Only 4-5 simple steps are involved in this application to recover PST password.

PST Password Recovery in Many Ways


Remove PST Password

The software can be used to remove passwords from Outlook PST files. Users can easily remove all kinds of passwords like complex, old, and lengthy ones from PST files without any troubles. Any lost or forgotten PST password can be easily removed by the application within a few simplified clicks without knowing the original password.

Reset PST File Password

Users can reset the old password from PST files and add a new password to them by utilizing this application. Without configuration of Outlook, the password of various PST files can be reset by this software. Users can apply any kind of password to Outlook PST files. The complete database of PST files is protected while resetting their password.


Bulk Recovery of PST Passwords

One can recover PST file passwords in batches that means there is no need to repeat the complete process for every PST file. Users can load as many PST files as they want and recover their password swiftly. The steps involved in PST password recovery are adding PST files, click on remove password and hit the process button.


Yes, of course. The software is capable to remove password from both ANSI and UNICODE PST files.

No, the software does not have any limit on the number of PST files. Users can add any number of PST files to remove their passwords.

No, it is not compulsory to have MS Outlook installed to reset PST password.

Yes, the software unlocks all healthy PST files without any damage.


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