SameTools to Transfer Emails from One Cloud to Another

Download SameTools Cloud Migration Tool and export emails from one webmail to another webmail account. Sometimes, users want to migrate emails from one cloud to another cloud due to some requirements. This software is really helpful in performing the migration.

cloud migration
  • 100% secure migration without any losses
  • Export emails to the targeted folder
  • Advanced filtration option for migration of emails
  • Include attachments while transferring emails
  • Keep meta properties intact meanwhile the migration
  • Need login details of both cloud accounts
  • Hassle-free migration with user-friendly interface


Quality features of Cloud Email Migration Tool

cloud migration

Migration between IMAP Servers

The program supports migration of emails as well attachments from one cloud to another cloud. Users are required to provide only valid host address and login credentials for migration of emails from one IMAP Server to another.

selective files

Export nominated folders

No need to transfer complete database of IMAP server as the tool comes with an advanced filter by which users can move only desired folders like Inbox, outbox, drafts, etc. from one IMAP Server to another.

no file size limit

Migrate emails in bulk

Don’t waste your time in migrating emails one by one. The application allows migration of webmail emails in bulk. No limit is imposed on the number of emails to transfer from one IMAP server to another server.

support only healthy database

Support multiple webmail accounts

Webmail accounts available all over the world are supported by Cloud Email Migration Tool. Some of the popular IMAP servers are Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo, Hotmail, Office 365, etc.

fast migration

Introductory Interface

The interface of Webmail migration tool is designed in a manner that no expertise is required to handle the application. You will find that the steps are itself described by the application.

simple tool

Hold originality of emails

No need to take tension of formatting applied on emails. The software completely preserves the email formatting and Meta properties like to, cc, bcc, from, sent, subject, date, hyperlinks, etc.

Migrate one cloud to another cloud


Migrate Gmail to Yahoo

The application easily moves Gmail emails to Yahoo account by providing the login details of both accounts. Direct migration of database without installing any extra tool is performed by the software.

Migrate Yahoo to Gmail

One can quickly migrate emails of Yahoo to Gmail account using this brilliant application. No limit is specified on the number of emails to migrate from Yahoo account to Gmail account.


Migrate Gmail to Hotmail

It becomes easy for users to directly forward Gmail emails to Hotmail account. Manually exporting huge database from Gmail to Hotmail is really tough but having this software, it is easy for both technical and non-technical users.

Migrate Gmail to Office 365

Export Gmail selected emails to Office 365 account having this application. Its advanced filter allows to migrate only desired folder of Gmail to O365 account. With 100% accuracy, the migration task is performed.



Yes, as this is a cloud to cloud migration so internet connectivity is must.

Yes, emails as well attachments are safely migrated from one cloud to another.

Yes, using this Cloud Migration Tool users can choose any folder of their choice to transfer from one webmail to another.

Yes, all versions of Windows are well supported by the program including Windows 10, 8, 7, and others.


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