SameTools to Extracting Outlook PST Items

Extract Outlook PST attachments, contacts, calendars, and email addresses with Outlook PST Extractor Tool. File and Folder two modes to extract items from a single as well as multiple PST files without configuration of Microsoft Outlook.

outlook extractor
  • Extract email address, contacts, calendars, and attachments from Outlook PST file
  • Load single as well as multiple OST/PST files at the same time
  • Extract all Outlook attachments to local system
  • Extract and save Outlook contacts to VCF and calendars into ICS
  • Outlook installation is not compulsory to extract PST data items
  • Preview all items of Outlook PST file


Know Outlook PST Extractor Tool key features

no file size limit

Support all Outlook PST files

All healthy PST files created by any Outlook edition is supported by the application. Users can extract items from PST file of Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and others.

export data entirely

Bulk PST files processing

Users can load multiple Outlook PST files in one go to extract all attachments, email addresses, contacts, and calendars from it. The data extraction from PST files can be done without installing MS Outlook.

simple tool

Scan and Preview Outlook database

The first step is scanning of Outlook PST files once the files are added on the software home screen. Then, all the data of Outlook PST file is displayed before users choose items to extract from the file.

support only healthy database

Maintain mailbox folder hierarchy

The hierarchical structure of subfolders and folders of Outlook remained intact throughout the process of PST data extraction. There is no harm and loss of a single element while items are extracted from PST.

fast extractor

Freeware option to extract PST items

All users have the facility to practically understand the software before they pay for this application. They can download the freeware option & extract 10 items per PST folder with the trial edition.

safe extractor

Download swiftly on all Windows

One can extract PST attachments and other items on all Windows operating systems. The software can be smartly launched on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and others without any trouble.

Extract multiple items from Outlook PST files


Extract PST Attachments

With PST Extractor Tool, one can extract all attachments or selected attachments from Outlook PST file. Users can add multiple PST files at once and this software will smartly extract attachments from all PST files and save them to a separate folder at user-defined output location. The software does not change the original form of attachments and is capable to extract every large attachment by removing duplicate attachments from Outlook database.

Extract Outlook contacts

Users have the option to extract Outlook contacts with this application. All contacts from PST files are extracted and saved into vCard file format. By extracting Outlook PST contacts into vCard format, users can access Outlook contacts to many applications and platforms like Windows, Mac, Tablets, iPhone, iCloud, Android devices, and others. This is because vCard is a globally supported format for saving and sharing contact details.


Extract PST calendars

All calendar entries of MS Outlook are extracted and exported to ICS file format by Outlook Extractor Tool. ICS is a standard format for saving calendars so by exporting Outlook calendars to ICS format, users can easily view Outlook calendars on multiple applications like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, etc. Users can also export Outlook calendars to MSG file format with this application.

Extract Outlook email addresses

If users want to extract PST email addresses like to, cc, bcc, sender email, etc. they can export all email properties of Outlook and save it into a single PST file or multiple PST files for every Outlook file. Users can upload multiple PST files and export all or picked email addresses from them to save them separately to local system. Within a few minutes, email addresses from OST and PST files are extracted by the application without any hurdles.



Yes, PST attachments are extracted easily without the installation of Outlook.

Yes, the software is capable to extract contacts and other items from password-protected PST files.

No, the software works only Windows OS and is compatible with all Windows versions.

Yes, of course. PST files of all Outlook versions are supported including Outlook 2003, 2010, 2016, 2019, and others.


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