SameTools to Remove MBOX Duplicates

Remove MBOX duplicates in bulk with 100% accuracy. The utility supports healthy MBOX files of Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail, Entourage, Postboox, ClawsMail, OperaMail, etc. to fix duplicates. Effortless removal of duplicates from selected MBOX folder or complete MBOX folders.

remove duplicates mbox
  • Remove Thunderbird duplicate emails automatically
  • Swift deletion of all MBOX file duplicates
  • Facility to load a folder of MBOX at once to fix duplicates
  • Detect duplicates from the same folder or across all folders of .mbox
  • Draw out MBOX duplicates without third-party application
  • Smart program to deal with MBOX file duplicates on all Windows OS


Know MBOX Duplicate Remover Tool in details

selective files

Remove MBOX duplicates

It is very easy to fix duplicates from MBOX files with this smart application. It carries only 4-5 simple steps that are smoothly performed by any user without any technical skills.

no file size limit

Automatically load Thunderbird files

Thunderbird files are automatically loaded on the software panel to draw out duplicate mailboxes. You only need to introduce the Thunderbird directory to remove Thunderbird duplicate emails.

duplicate files

Swift scan and preview

The software scans the selected MBOX files at first and then shows a preview with their numbers. In this way, users come to know the number of files that are added to clean duplicates from them.

support only healthy database

User-desired output file location

MBOX Duplicate Remover Tool provides an option to choose the desired location where users want to save the resultant MBOX files after removing duplicates. Users can choose any location of their system.

simple tool

All MBOX files are supported

MBOX files of multiple email clients and programs are supported by the software that includes Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Eudora, Google Takeout, Opera Mail, The Bat, & others.

fast remover

100% secure application

Your original data is completely safe with this application. The software only cleans MBOX duplicate items and does not have any effect on the content and any element of source MBOX files.

Remove MBOX Duplicate Items in many ways


Remove MBOX/MBX file duplicates

Users can remove duplicates from MBOX as well as MBX files using this application. The software’s main aim is to draw out all duplicate emails from Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Google Takeout, Spicebird, Entourage, Eudora, The Bat, Postbox, and other MBOX supported email clients. Without any harm to original data, duplicates are deleted from MBOX files using this application without the installation of any email client.

Support batch processing to delete duplicates

Now, it is very easy for users to load as much as MBOX files they want to eliminate duplicates in a single round of processing. The software offers File as well as Folder mode. Using the folder mode, users can load MBOX folder regardless of the number of files and the software is capable to process all these files in a few minutes in a single round. This feature helps to save time and effort of users.


Delete duplicates with each MBOX file

To delete MBOX duplicate items, the software offers users to select the desired file/folder. In this way, users can choose a particular MBOX file or folder to eliminate duplicate items. This option will only analyze the selected file/folder and remove all located duplicates and is useful when users do not want to delete duplicates across all folders of MBOX database.

Removal of duplicates from all files

If you think duplicates exist in all folders of MBOX that you have added to the software panel then you can choose “remove duplicates across all MBOX file/folder” option as it will analyze all folders and eliminate duplicates from them. This option works best in case you need to remove duplicates from all folders of MBOX at once.



There are no such restrictions applied by the software. You can add any number of MBOX files to eliminate duplicates.

Yes, SameTools MBOX Duplicate Remover comes with a demo version so that users can properly understand the efficiency & working of the software before paying for it.

Yes, the software offers the facility to remove duplicates from the selected MBOX file/folder.

Yes, one can use this application on Windows 10 and other versions to remove MBOX duplicates.


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